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WYSCREEN by Quatronix GmbH


Up and running quickly.

WYSCREEN is the digital display that is effective wherever information is still presented in paper form. Simply open your web browser to reach your audience wherever your displays are placed – directly and from anywhere in the world, without costly and time-consuming installation.

Our proprietary hardware is optimized for energy efficiency down to the last detail. This not only spares you electricity costs in running operation, but you also benefit from battery life of up to 1 year in environments where local power supply is not possible.

Your advantages

  • Easy installation thanks to the assembly frame on the back: stick-on or screw-on
  • Integrated internet connection
  • Stand-alone battery operation with high energy efficiency (up to 1 year) or local power supply
  • Intuitive management via a web browser interface
  • GPS tracking to monitor locations
  • Grouping function for multiple WYSCREENs
  • Optically optimized text and image display through high native resolution (1600 x 1200 px)
  • Reliable, high-quality product that is “Made in Germany”

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It doesn’t get easier than this: the WYSCREEN back end

The web-based and thus operating-system-independent administration makes it easy to manage your WYSCREENs.

No learning curve – you create your display content with the tools you are already familiar with, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There is no need to learn new, proprietary editing programs or rigid template systems.

Upload your information and displays to the back end in the usual data and graphic formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF) and assign them to individual WYSCREENs or a group of WYSCREENs to be displayed immediately in just a few clicks.

Overview of features

  • Manage individual or grouped WYSCREENs
  • Media library for display content
  • User and role management
  • Dashboard and monitoring for current and past operation data
  • Map and location display for all WYSCREENs

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WYSCREEN by Quatronix GmbH
WYSCREEN by Quatronix GmbH


Versatile and robust.

The WYSCREEN housing is milled from resilient plastic for high stability, and the anti-glare tempered glass protects the display against vandalism.

Two models are currently available to choose from: single and double display. Both models enable intuitive user interaction via a mechanical button for navigating multi-page documents.

Additionally, the double display enables static and alternating content to be presented simultaneously within the two integrated display areas.

Technicals details

Model Single display Double display
Size 13,3" 2x 13,3"
Resolution 1600x1200 px each 1600x1200 px
Dimensions 350x262x24 mm 350x494x24 mm
Battery life* Up to 1 year
Interface DC plug + USB charging port
Input Mechanical button
WYSCREEN Foyer Anwendungsfall

WYSCREEN application

Lobbies and stairwells

WYSCREEN, the digital display, does away with physical installation and dispatch of notices, letters, and plans in paper form and is the perfect alternative to bulletin boards in lobbies – ideal for building management.

Group management

Do you want to display the same information at multiple entrances of your housing complexes without the added hassle? Take advantage of the grouping function for WYSCREENs. Your content is assigned just once and then displayed on all of the devices within the group.

Your advantages

  • Up-to-date information for your tenants
  • Direct communication of all types of information
  • Appealing display housing design for your stairwell
  • Digitalized lists for stairwell cleaning
  • Information for tenants through external service providers
  • Manual navigation of multi-page content through intuitive button
  • Automated navigation in slideshow mode
  • Reduced electricity costs compared to LCD-based displays*

WYSCREEN application

Elevator systems

WYSCREEN can transmit your information to any closed elevator using optional external antennas, and the adhesive surface on the back even enables you to mount it on glass.

Pair your WYSCREEN with existing systems like our modular Q-Bold reporting system to reach your tenants faster, for example in the event of a system defect.

Your advantages

  • Easy and elegant installation on nearly any type of surface (glass, metal, etc.)*
  • Suitable for all elevator makes*
  • Seamless integration into the elevator’s control panel possible*
  • Direct error report to and from the elevator with our Q-Bold reporting system