Modular diagnostics and reporting system for elevators

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Q-Bold by Quatronix GmbH




The universal and immediate solution.

Q-Bold is our modular diagnostics and reporting system that can be retrofitted to existing elevator systems of any model. It automatically detects and reports irregularities, thus reducing response times and downtime. Benefit from a comprehensive overview of current and past condition information via a browser-supported, intuitive administration interface for all monitored elevator systems.

Overview of features

  • Keep track of all possible operating conditions at all times: in operation, under maintenance, malfunction
  • Suitable for all elevator makes
  • 12–48 V power possible
  • Integrated internet connection
  • Web interface for easy monitoring
  • Straightforward condition information of all monitored elevator systems (current/past)
  • Automated notifications to operators, maintenance partners, and service technicians in case of malfunction

Evaluation, administration, and interface

Q-Nector Dashboard: a web interface for all Q-Bolds

We offer the Q-Nector Dashboard so you can manage your Q-Bold modules. This platform provides current and past operating condition information at a glance in addition to comprehensive statistics of all Q-Bolds and system-specific documents as well as inspection and maintenance reports. The convenient list and map displays make it easy to monitor and review system availability and statistics of past elevator use as well as maintenance appointments and reported malfunctions and downtime. The integrated API ensures constant bidirectional data exchange and synchronization with existing ERP systems.

  • Overview of all connected Q-Nectors, Q-Bolds, WYSCREENs
  • Unambiguous traffic light visualization of system conditions at all times
  • Comprehensive statistics of elevator use, availability, and appointments
  • Display filter for individual evaluations and improved temporal comparison possibilities
  • Centralized, API-supported documentation management for inspection and maintenance reports
  • API integration of external ERP systems (such as building information modeling, BIM) for system data

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Technical specifications

All data at a glance.

Input voltage 9V - 60V DC in
Buffer Battery operation in the event of power outages, guaranteed lifetime of 2 hours
Digital inputs 6 digital switching inputs, input voltage range of 12 V–48 V DC
Digital outputs 8 floating digital switching outputs
Operation 4 control buttons
Communication 4G LTE Cat.1 modem with 2G fallback
Antennas 2 high-efficiency LTE antennas for better reception and use of antenna diversity
Bus systems CAN bus
Extensions 1 slot for optional additional modules (Wi-Fi, Zigbee), SD card